KIA Get Mean

Voice activated driving game for KIA motors

We created a voice activated driving game which responds to mean car sounds. Now you can scream at your phone with purpose and score some prizes while you’re at it – a good alternative to road rage we find.

Working with Innocean and Heckler, this 3d WebGL game was part of a bigger integrated campaign for the new KIA Cerato GT. The game was also integrated into an outdoor installation at the Australian Open.

Game design was heavily influenced by the minimal, black and white look of the campaign. Dynamic Type design by Luca from Like Minded Studios was placed around the corners of the track and animated using the microphone volume.

The gameplay had to be super simple so anyone could pick it up in seconds. We used the microphone volume as the input for the game. The louder you screamed at your phone, the faster the car would zip around the track. This game play approach was good but it limited the game objective to only getting the fastest lap time.

We added another dimension to the gameplay by introducing accuracy. The game objective shifted from screaming really loud the whole time, to screaming just at the right volume as to match the required volume on the track. When approaching corners, the target volume was lower as the car slows down, while on the straights, the target volume jumps back up to full blast. Visually we communicated this objective by placing triangles of various sizes along the track. Small triangles for soft volume, large triangles for loud volume. The microphone volume was visualised as a triangle in front of the car, that grew in size depending on the microphone volume. It was a very simple visual cue for matching the triangles, riffing off game mechanics from classics like guitar hero and various arcade dancing games.

Technologies used: three.js, vue.js, aws, web audio.