Love by Numbers

Visualising Australia's love

To celebrate the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, Google and Australian Marriage Equality asked people from all over Australia to share their thoughts and experiences about love – from what’s an acceptable public display of affection, to who we love and how deeply we feel it, to whether we believe in marriage equality.

Code on Canvas was commissioned by Google for the datavis component of the project. We designed and built a website as the home for the love survey, allowing the results to be explorable via an engaging and interactive interface. The central idea for the interface came from the use of a single line which threads the experience together and allows the user to navigate the 8 categories of the survey, each illustrated with the single line aesthetic. Drag and swipe gestures progress the line forward, giving the user a level of control over the journey through the data and make for a more playful experience.

The Love By Numbers designs were further integrated into the larger campaign by Google. A physical installation was built by Yippee Ki-Yay for Fair Day which took the Love By Numbers logo design and turned it into a physical sculpture. And our studio buddies and creative partners, Toby & Pete jumped on board to make a 360 stereoscopic animation for the UTS Data Arena, which could also be viewed using Google Cardboard.