PwC Signature Experiences

Interactive installations across PwC Australia and Singapore.

Large-scale interactive installations are our jam. We balance data, design and performance to create smooth and engaging experiences. Working with Downstream, we developed a suite of permanent interactive installations that were rolled out across PwC’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore offices.

Downstream built a sophisticated backend, which interfaced with a mobile app using BLE beacons to identify PwC staff and visitors at the installations. Code on Canvas then built 3 different types of installations to respond to this detection and interact with the backend across the 3 sites:

Welcome Wall

As the name suggests the Welcome Wall is there to welcome people as they enter into the space. This displays custom and templated content animating across 5 large touch screen ‘blades’. The content includes informative text and images animating over the top of image, video or an ever changing generative background. Content is fully customisable and scheduled via the backend.

But this piece is more than just eye candy. As the visitor approaches it detects them and welcomes them by name, allowing them to check in to any upcoming meetings that they have registered for and provide them with directions.


The Waterfall displays a beautiful and dynamic background of fluid particles cascading down the wall. Layered over the top of this is a wealth of different client content from the backend; articles, profiles, videos and social media. Visitors are detected and welcomed as they approach to begin interacting with the wall. They are able to tap the content items to read further, having the installation suggest endless related content. They are also able to filter content based on interests as they are in the mobile app. These filters can be saved in their profile so that when they begin interacting with the wall it will tailor the content to fit their tastes.

They can also save pieces of content to their profile for later reading via the mobile app. If they are interacting as a guest without a profile they still have the option to email content to themselves. Both registered users and guests can also register for events. 2 users at a time are able to interact with the Waterfall and are able to share interesting content items with each other.

The client can schedule special events that make the wall display specific content streams and change the background colours of the application to fit an event theme.

Innovation Pool

And finally there is the Innovation Pool, a space to showcase just how forward thinking PwC really are. The space consists of a fantastic panoramic screen that when the client isn’t using it for custom presentations acts as a curated exhibition space. The room houses ever changing artefacts from PwC’s many technological research projects. The multi-user, multi-touch screen then shows curated informative content and rich media that visitors use to explore these and other projects further. And again this installation automatically detects and welcomes people as they approach, enabling them to save interesting items to their profile.

PwC Singapore were so taken by the installations when they visited that they asked us to repurpose the Welcome Wall and Waterfall interactives for them too! The Welcome Wall gave them the freedom to customise it’s appearance as they wish and for the Waterfall we rebuilt it in such as way that it could be altered to fit different screen sizes and colour palettes for their (and other!) offices.

All photos courtesy of Downstream