Q CELLS Smart Choice

Discover a world of innovation and renewable possibilities through AR.

Q CELLS is a world leader in the renewable energy market. Brand and product communication in a new market fueled by innovation needs to be clear, informative and done in a way that makes it stand out above the rest. What better way to communicate innovation then with innovative technologies like Augmented Reality to tell the brand and product story.

Code on Canvas partnered with Revolution360 to create the Q CELLS Smart Choice Augmented Reality Experience, launching the app at the All Energy Expo in Melbourne. AR hotspots were installed at the Q CELLS stand, activating the Q CELLS logo and two of their flagship products, the Q.PEAK DUO-G6+ and Q.HOME. When activated, the hotspot unfolded into an AR menu, providing information as animated content over the top of the products.

Q CELLS Smart Choice App

All Energy Conference

The All Energy Conference is Australia’s largest renewable energy exhibition. Q CELLS collaborated with Revolution360 to created an amazing exhibition stand. The Augmented Reality experience encouraged visitors to walk and explore the space, activating the AR hotspots which were located at 5 different locations. The AR content was perfectly mapped to the products, revealing valuable product information and features in a way that most customers have never experienced. Video recording was available for people to capture the experience via the app and share to their network.