QIC Experiences

Interactive touchscreen experiences for kids.

Commissioned by QIC and partnering with Will O’Rourke and Toby & Pete, we created a number of interactive touchscreen and motion tracking installations for kids at QIC’s Eastland shopping centre in Melbourne.

This was a super fun project. We were involved in all stages of the project. All interactives were designed to be simple and engaging. Each runs on a massive (especially when next to a kid!) 65″ multi touch screen. Two additional interactives were created which use a Kinect camera to track people and turn their movement instead of touch into interaction on a wider screen setup running down the corridor.

This project proved so successful that QIC have since rolled it out to numerous other venues.

Ball Pit interactive uses real-time physics, allowing kids to grab and toss balls around on the screen.

Sandpit interactive is driven using a fluid-sim where colours and particles are generated using touch.

Voronoi interactive draws upon voronoi patterns found in nature, allowing kids to reveal the flora/fauna to which they belong.

Matt demonstrates how to do a sonic boom using the Sandpit interactive.

Long press to create whirlpool. Single touch to create ripples. Touch and drag to spray colour and particles.