Tatsuo Miyajima

MCA installation where kids control music and animation and MEDITATE!

Yet another fun children’s installation for the National Centre for Creative Learning at the Sydney MCA, this time to accompany the Tatsuo Miyajima exhibit. We worked with Alex White at the MCA to create an installation that alternated between 2 states, very much in theme with Miyajimas work.

In the first state kids were able to move around the space and jump on shapes projected onto the floor, which then animated in response to their presence and controlled an interactive soundscape programmed by Alex. Generative animation on the walls also responded to this, tracing out a constellation that mapped a history of connections between these interactions.

The second state was actually a chance for the kids to be taken on a guided meditation! The room dims and lily pads appear on the floor, beckoning the children to come and sit on them. Once sitting still the lily pads and wall come to life with an animating generative cloudscape. The more still they are the more colourful the experience. How else could we get kids to sit and meditate without candy?!