Westpac Innovation Cave

Interactive experiences for the Westpac Innovation Cave

Code on Canvas was contracted by Digital Landscape to deliver a series of interactive experiences for the Westpac Innovation Cave, a permanent yet evolving exhibition space at their head office where they bring VIPs and guests to demonstrate how they are exploring current and future technologies. We delivered a large interactive touch experience called the Yammer Wall and a series of showcase kiosks, all driven by a single backend.

The brief for the Yammer wall was to visualise trending conversations from their internal Microsoft Yammer social network, Facebook and Twitter. During creative development we decided upon using the organic voronoi algorithm as found in nature for a truly unique data visualisation aesthetic. Voronoi cells represented trending conversations, their sizes scaled based on the comparative popularity of the conversation. Visitors could then navigate through various content categories, which transitioned with a variety of animations and drill deeper into specific conversations to see what all the buzz is about.