Your MCA

What does the MCA acronym mean to you?

Ogilvy brought Code on Canvas on board as creative technology partners for one of our favourite clients, the Museum of Contemporary Art. We worked with Ogilvy on a unique campaign to celebrate their 25 years as one of Australia’s most important cultural institutions. Ogilvy put together a far reaching campaign for the MCA with us on board helping to develop an interactive installation and projection mapped realtime animations for it.

Members of the public were invited to submit their own definitions for the MCA acronym via a website developed by Ogilvy, which they could then order on their very own t-shirt.

As well as submitting via the web we built an interactive touch screen kiosk at the MCA to submit your acronym and see it animated onto a shirt in realtime.

This was done using a transparent LCD screen as the text animated in using organic generative patterns.